Monthly Archives: February 2014

AWF Discussion Forum asks whether a legal muddle is causing unnecessary suffering to livestock

28 February 2014

The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) returns with its popular Discussion Forum on 12 May with vet David Chennells asking whether uncertainty surrounding three separate pieces of legislation covering welfare on farm, during transport, and at the slaughterhouse impacts negatively on livestock welfare.

He will contend that the lack of specific legal definitions, inconsistencies and...

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BVA President delivers annual London dinner speech on the theme of trust

26 February 2014

The President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), Robin Hargreaves, has called for government decisions on TB testing and veterinary surveillance to be based on quality of service as well as cost as he delivered the annual BVA London dinner speech on the theme of trust.

He also spoke about the misinformation and misunderstanding...

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