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Vets warn of festive perils for pets

21 December 2016

Vets are urging pet owners to watch out for potential hazards to their pets this Christmas

Leading vets are urging pet owners to watch out for potential hazards to their pets this Christmas, as findings released by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) reveal 80% of vets saw at least one case of toxic ingestion...

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What satellites can tell us about how animals will fare in a changing climate

From the Arctic to the Mojave Desert, terrestrial and marine habitats are rapidly changing. These changes impact animals that are adapted to specific ecological niches, sometimes displacing them or reducing their numbers. From their privileged vantage point, satellites are particularly well-suited to observe habitat transformation and help scientists forecast impacts on the distribution, abundance and...

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Why plants eat feces when they could eat flesh

What drives a carnivorous plant to abandon eating meat in favour of a diet of bat faeces? Ecologists from Germany, Brunei Darussalam and Australia believe they have the answer. Their ingenious study -- which sheds new light on the evolution of mutualism -- is published today in the Journal of Ecology.

Mutualism -- where two different...

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Scientist pioneers novel ways to study endangered baleen whales

Although North Atlantic right whales, humpback whales and bowhead whales-all species of baleen whales-are some of the largest animals on Earth, they are also among the most critically endangered. These whales were hunted nearly to extinction over the last 300 years for their blubber, which was used to produce oil. Fortunately, these species are repopulating,...

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