BVA/Association of Veterinary Students survey 2002

13 February 2003

The survey is used to monitor issues that are of particular interest to student members of the Association and the 2002 Survey is the third survey to be conducted, the others having been carried out in 1996 and 1999 respectively. The Survey is based on questionnaires circulated to students during the 2001-2002 academic year and a total of 1,727 students participated, representing 58.76% of veterinary students.

The aim of the Survey is to allow trends to be identified and to identify the impact of various changes in funding arrangements, e.g. tuition fees in 1998 and, for the future, top-up fees in 2006. Section A of the survey covers the composition and background of the student population, section B deals with financial data and section C looks at the structure of the undergraduate course.

Points of specific interest from the survey include:

  • a continuing increase in the percentage of female students;
  • the number of students experiencing serious financial problems, with 11.9% classifying these as being "severe"; and
  • over 70% of students indicated that their debts would have some effect on their choice of job on graduating.

Notes for Editors:

1. For further information, including a hard copy of the survey please contact the BVA Press Office on 020 7636 6541.

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