Free webinar helps vets get to grips with pet travel changes

18 August 2014

Rules on pet travel are due to change in December

The rules on pet travel are due to change on 29 December 2014.

The new regulations will consolidate current EU legislation on pet travel and enhance the requirements for EU countries to make information about pet travel available to their citizens. The changes also aim to tackle abuse of the pet travel scheme by introducing a more secure pet passport, tightening eligibility requirements and strengthening enforcement activity.

To help vets understand the proposed changes, BVA teamed up with Defra and The Webinar Vet to provide a free webinar, “EU Pet Travel Scheme: information and updates”. BVA President, Robin Hargreaves, was joined by Defra's Head of Pets and Rabies Team to outline the proposed changes, including what they mean for small animal vets, and to answer questions. The webinar aimed to address concerns and questions raised by BVA members around levels of compliance with current rules, how border checks are carried out and queries about vets' rights and responsibilities with regard to seizing non-compliant dogs.

In BVA's recent webinar on pet travel with our President, Robin Hargreaves, the proposed changes and what they mean for small animal vets was discussed in detail.

The webinar is part of the ongoing series of policy-based lectures delivered by the BVA with The Webinar Vet and is available to view at:

Defra, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government, have launched a consultation on the implementation of planned changes to the EU pet travel scheme. The consultation closes on 14 September 2014 and BVA will submit a response. We encourage BVA members, particularly small animal vets, to join the discussion about pet travel and the proposed changes on BVA's community pages. This discussion will inform the BVA response to the consultation. The discussion about the webinar, the issues raised and the questions asked, can be found in the BVA community.

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