Launch of BVA organisational membership scheme

13 November 2008

The BVA has announced the launch of a new organisational membership scheme, following the recent activation of its Affiliate and Associate membership categories which saw the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) and the Veterinary Practice Management Association (VPMA) welcomed as Affiliate members.

"The organisational membership scheme is a fantastic new initiative that allows an employee, through an employer, to make great savings on the annual BVA membership subscription fee when renewing or joining" said BVA President Nicky Paull who explained that "by simply registering your practice or organisation for the scheme, staff can benefit from an excellent deal on BVA membership, saving up to 60% off the normal subscription fee of £252 a year".

To qualify for the new membership scheme, all staff holding a veterinary medicine degree must become a BVA member. The subscription is £1,000 for up to 10 members with increments of £500 for each additional five members. Suitably qualified associate members (for example, veterinary nurses or veterinary practice managers) also have the option of being part of an employer's scheme membership.

"Organisational membership, along with the Affiliate and Associate membership categories, is a reflection of the BVA's awareness of the changes effecting the composition and structure of veterinary practice and the wider veterinary world and of our determination" said Mrs Paull "to adapt in order to be able to fully support and promote all members of the veterinary team."

Notes for editors

1. More detail is available on our organisational membership page

2. Contact or ring 020 7908 6350 for further information

3. BVA press office contacts

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