The Hippest Celebration at London Vet Show

23 November 2015

Celebrating the Hip Dysplasia Scheme

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and Kennel Club joined together for a celebration at the London Vet Show on the 19 November to mark 50 years since the launch of the scheme to screen for hip dysplasia in dogs.

The Hip Dysplasia Scheme was the first of four Canine Health Schemes, now operated by BVA and the KC, to help responsible breeders identify those dogs that have few or no signs of disease so that the best possible choices can be made as part of a responsible breeding programme. These include health schemes for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, inherited eye diseases and chiari-malformation/syringomyelia.

BVA President Sean Wensley said: “Hundreds of thousands of dogs have benefited from the scheme, which helps breeders identify those dogs with the healthiest hips so that the best possible choices can be made as part of a responsible breeding programme.

“Next year will be another big step forward for the schemes with the introduction of digital applications making it easier than ever for vets to submit x-rays and to ensure only healthy dogs are used for mating. In order to continue the good work, we are asking vets and owners to ensure all relevant diagnostic x-rays are submitted to the Canine Health Schemes, not just those showing healthier hips, so that we have an accurate picture of what is happening across all of the different breeds.”

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “In the fifty years since its development, many responsible breeders have utilised the scheme to screen for hip dysplasia in dogs, which has had a tremendously positive effect on dog health overall. The scheme allows breeders to make responsible breeding choices, which will go a long way to protecting and maintaining dog health in years to come, and the Kennel Club and BVA are both proud of what the scheme has so far achieved.”

Celebrations were held at the Kennel Club stand and included celebratory words from BVA President Sean Wensley, treats and a “hip-hip-hooray” for the Canine Health Schemes from everyone present.

Veterinary practices can order Canine Health Schemes literature using the order form or by contacting the Canine Health Schemes Department on 020 7908 6380 or

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