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5,000 percent increase in native trees on rat-free palmyra atoll

New research published in PLOS ONE this week demonstrates dramatic positive benefits for native trees following rat removal at Palmyra Atoll, a magnificent National Wildlife Refuge and natural research laboratory located about 1000 miles south of Hawaii.

In one of only a few studies of its kind, scientists measured the effects of rat removal on the...

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Social isolation: Animals that break away from the pack can influence evolution

For some animals -- such as beetles, ants, toads, and primates -- short-term social isolation can be just as vital as social interaction to development and long-term evolution. In a review published July 17 in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution, two evolutionary biologists describe approaches for testing how an animal's isolation might impact...

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The freediving champions of the dolphin world

For the first time, researchers have explored the physiological adaptations that enable different populations of the same species of dolphin to vary in diving ability by almost 1000m. The research, published in two complementary studies in Frontiers in Physiology, compared the lung mechanics and metabolic rates of bottlenose dolphin populations known for their different hunting...

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Seeing through the eyes of a crab

Society for Neuroscience. "Seeing through the eyes of a crab: New research provides insight into the visual world of a crustacean." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 July 2018. .

Society for Neuroscience. (2018, July 16). Seeing through the eyes of a crab: New research provides insight into the visual world of a crustacean. ScienceDaily....

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Australia has a new venomous snake — And it may already be threatened

The ink has not yet dried on a scientific paper describing a new species of snake, yet the reptile may already be in danger of extinction due to mining.

A team of biologists led by The University of Queensland's Associate Professor Bryan Fry discovered a new species of bandy-bandy snake at Weipa on the west coast...

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84 highly endangered amur leopards remain in China and Russia

Scientists estimate there are only 84 remaining highly endangered Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis) remaining in the wild across its current range along the southernmost border of Primorskii Province in Russia and Jilin Province of China.

This new estimate of the Amur leopard population was recently reported in the scientific journal, Conservation Letters by scientists from...

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