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EU-backed veterinary hub will offer ‘innumerable benefits’

31 July 2017

The Aberystwyth initative highlights the importance of EU funding to veterinary research in the UK

Plans for a £4.2million state-of-the-art veterinary hub to drive forward research to protect both animal and human health have been announced by the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths AM.

Responding to the announcement, British Veterinary...

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BVA says further evidence needed before changes made in antibiotic prescribing

28 July 2017

Until further studies are conducted, BVA is urging vets to continue to prescribe antibiotics according to current guidelines

An article published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has questioned the validity of currently accepted guidelines for completing a course of antibiotics, as prescribed. It suggests that there is little evidence that failing to complete...

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Vet warning for pets as summer heat returns

07 July 2017

Dogs may particularly struggle to stay cool in the summer as, unlike humans, they are unable to cool down quickly through sweating

As temperatures rise after a brief respite, pet owners are being warned to take extra care of their pets in the hot weather after almost half of UK vets reported animals being...

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The cost of buying veterinary medicines

01 July 2017

There are benefits to buying medicines from your vet

In response to recent queries about the cost of buying veterinary medicines either from a veterinary practice or online BVA President Gudrun Ravetz said:

“It is expensive for anyone to keep and dispense veterinary medicines under the strict guidelines that are set out in law and...

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