24 Hour Emergency Healthcare for your Pet

There may be occasions when your pet requires emergency treatment outside of our normal opening hours.

In instances of emergencies, please call our 24 hour number

07960 807 165

We're dedicated to urgent critical care, so we're particularly skilled at dealing with emergencies.

We'll advise whether you need to bring your pet into the clinic for immediate treatment or if it is necessary for a home call-out to be provided, along with professional advise over the phone if required.


Step 1: Act immediately

Call our numbers above to talk to us straight away. Waiting for normal business hours prolongs your pets suffering and could seriously compromise it’s health.

Step 2: Know the facts

Help your pet by passing on all the information you can. Remember this can save time in the long run; so do try to remain calm.

Step 3: Take good advice

Following the guidance offered will help to ensure that your pet doesn’t suffer further distress or injury in the course of getting assistance. We may recommend that you bring your pet into veterinary clinic if necessary.

Step 4: Try not to worry

We are proud of the professional care that our vets and nurses give every poorly pet, ensuring you both get the best.