Fireworks – Divali, Halloween & Guy Fawkes

Fireworks are soon upon us and loud noises and flashes can and will cause a lot of stress and phobia in dogs and cats.

It is always the best to plan far ahead to prevent a disastrous week in November.
If you wait till it happens sometime is too late to help your pets.

Owners report that firework season stresses their pets greatly. But it seems that:

  • many don’t know what sort of help they can get or what to do,
  • many don’t do anything at all and
  • many have some treatment which might have been successful or not.

We advice controlling the matter in advance. The essence of controlling this problem is to keep the pet and the owner calm. When the pet is calm they don’t suffer this problem.

The approach to control is also depending to the severity of the phobias that the pet has toward the loud noise. Of course plan for short term and long term are somewhat different, though in the same line.

Few actions and approaches are available for us to try:

  • Conditioning / desensitisation, and behavioural modification approach
    • Eg. ccD’s
  • medication
  • natural product and other veterinary approved substances.
    • Eg anxiolytic products (from 2-4 weeks before)

It is the loud noise that causes fear and phobias. The whole phenomenon can be traumatic and cause anxiety.

The assistance by the vet should be well in advance of the problem. Unfortunately when the owners seek advice from us often is too late (eg a week before firework) for that episode.

Problem like this need time to identify the best approach to control it with preparatory measures in place.

The situation could be mild which is easier to prevent. However, in severe cases of phobias, medical intervention will often be necessary.

We are here to see your pet, to evaluate and to give you the appropriate advice and programme for your pet to prevent stress during these hard time.

Call us on 020 8922 7500 and speak to our vet.