UK vets welcome WHO recommendations on antimicrobials use

07 November 2017

Prophylactic use of antimicrobials in healthy animals is never a substitute for good management

Responding to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on antimicrobials, the British Veterinary Association's Senior Vice President Gudrun Ravetz said:

“We welcome the WHO continuing to tackle this serious global health issue. Their guidelines echo the guidance BVA has long been issuing on the responsible use of antimicrobials.

“We agree that the prophylactic use of antimicrobials in healthy animals to prevent disease is never a substitute for good animal husbandry and management.

“Through cross-sector working, the UK is leading the way in significantly reducing antimicrobial usage, having already achieved the UK Government usage targets set for 2020.

“Critically Important Antimicrobials use is at a very low level in the UK, and, as recent Government data shows, is continuing to decrease.

"It is encouraging that WHO recognises that these vital medicines are sometimes needed, under veterinary judgment and prescription, as a last resort, to prevent the further spread of disease and to protect animal and human health.”

Download BVA's 7-point plan for the responsible use of antimicrobials in veterinary practice.