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From guts to glory: The evolution of gut defense

A new Nature Communications paper has journeyed to the inside of our insides, as a team from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University has mapped the evolutionary journey of how animal guts have evolved to defend themselves from microbial attack.

In mice and humans, the gut is lined with a layer of mucous...

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Fresh and raw diets for dogs may have health benefits, study says

Many dog owners think of their furry companions as part of the family, and now products are available to feed them that way, too. Some owners are moving away from traditional extruded kibble products, instead choosing ultra-premium fresh and raw diets found in the refrigerated aisle. The foods may look more similar to what we'd...

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Martens recolonized Isle Royale in the '90s, showing island's dynamism

After decades of trapping, the last known American marten was spotted on Isle Royale in 1917. Fifty years later, in 1966, the National Park Service planned to reintroduce martens to the national park situated in Lake Superior, but nobody knows if the agency ever followed through. Then, in 1993, martens were confirmed on the island...

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Two new truffle species discovered in Florida pecan orchards

Two new species of truffles were recently discovered on the roots of pecan trees in Florida orchards. The good news is that you can eat them -- the bad news is that you wouldn't want to.

While Tuber brennemanii and Tuber floridanum are edible "true" truffles, in the same genus as the fragrant underground mushrooms prized...

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