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Vets warn pet owners of edible Christmas hazards

18 December 2017

Chocolate poisoning remains the top cause of toxic ingestion in dogs over Christmas, followed by raisin or sultana poisoning.

81% of vets across the UK saw at least one case of toxic ingestion in pets during the 2016 festive period, reveal findings from a survey released today, prompting the British Veterinary Association (BVA) to...

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Vets ask pet owners to start fireworks prep early

12 October 2017

At 150dB, fireworks can be as loud as a jet engine causing many pets distress

With Bonfire Night (5 November) fast approaching, we're encouraging owners to start easing their pets into the fireworks season to prevent possible distress.

At 150 decibels, fireworks can be as loud as a jet engine and, with dogs, cats...

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Dog breeding defects emerge as top concern for vets

06 September 2017

This Puppy Awareness Week, BVA and Animal Welfare Foundation are encouraging prospective pet owners to use the Puppy Contract to ensure they are buying a healthy and well-socialised puppy from a responsible breeder

Vets are calling on prospective dog owners to think twice before buying a puppy after breeding and hereditary defects came out...

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Cats need all nine lives, as vets treat shocking levels of injuries

08 August 2017

The most common cause of injury in cats is road traffic accidents, followed by falling from a height, airgun injuries and burns

Cats really do need their mythical nine lives, with 90% of vets having treated cats for injuries caused by road traffic accidents (RTAs), falling from a height and walking on hot surfaces,...

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